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Selected to premiere at Tribeca 2022 Planet City is a VR experience set in an imaginary city for 10 billion people, the entire population of earth, where we surrender the rest of the world to a global scaled wilderness and the return of stolen lands. As Planet City grows slowly around the audience, they are immersed in the creation story of the city narrated by a young climate activist, one its first citizens. This is a story of a generation taking back a future that has been stolen from them, simultaneously an extraordinary image of tomorrow and an urgent examination of the environmental questions facing us today.

Developed in collaboration with Well Played Studios, this dollhouse VR experience allows audiences to peer around buildings and through windows, step between buildings, look up into the city towering above them and down into the depths of the city below. An original spatial score by musician Forest Swords and vocalist EMEL accompanies the narration by celebrated child actress Chloe Coleman.

Writer & Director Liam Young Production Design Liam Young Producers Well Played Studios, HTC Vive Arts, Victoria Chang Narrator Chloe Coleman Lead Artists Kayvan Boudai, Eilliot Ordower, James Clark 3D Artists Case Miller, Jeremy Kamal Hartley, Tien Tien Wang, William Chen Animator Edwin Vargas Cortez Ori Original ScoreForest Swords (Matthew Barnes) Vocals EMEL